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love to sing?

Are you looking for an energetic and fun choir to join? 


Look no further!


Vocal Chords is a large choir based in South East London. We bring a spirited energy to our singing, creating a warm sound that is full of feeling.


We perform a wide range of music from jazz and pop through to folk and world music.


All songs are learned by ear and all parts are downloadable so that choir members can practice at home. We expect all singers to learn their words.

All who can hold a tune are welcome.


We recruit new members three times a year. Contact us for the dates of our next taster session.




Vocal Chords brings energy and warmth to all their singing. Audiences are frequently bopping in their seats, and often get called upon to join in with some of our singing. If you want a fun filled, uplifting evening them come along to a Vocal Chords concert!

Join our mailing list and be the first to know about our latests concerts and album releases. 


We have produced three albums, English Folk Carols,  Ticket to Ride and Songs of Protest. You can download songs from the Songs of Protest album in the shop.


Past projects have included Songs of the Sea, and Songs of Remembrance for the 1914 commemorations and songs of Protest and Change in 2017. This year and into 2019 we will focus on songs of home..

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